old gold devils

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Old Gold Devils is our debut album. We used all of our guitars, drums, robots, ghosts, enthusiasm, money, and spare time to make it. You can stream or download it via amazing internet technology.


May 25, 2018



Once upon a time, three songs took a nice holiday to Australia to visit Wayne Connolly (The Vines, Youth Group), wandered around the Outback, got sucked intro an inter-dimensional vortex at Hanging Rock, drank a few Bundy and Cokes, and came home with some hair on their chests.  Enjoy!



Way back in 2010 Rapid City, SD's Jason Ward began making music under the moniker Mystery Pills that Consequence of Sound said “sounds like the bedroom recordings of a collaboration between The xx and Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner, with the slinky guitars and insistent rhythms of the former, and heartfelt, wild-eyed delivery echoing the latter.”  

Over the years those comparisons have held up, even as the one-man lo-fi approach has moved out of the bedroom into larger sonic landscapes thanks to the contributions of Benjamin Lemay (bass), Luke Gorder (drums), Noah Harris (keyboards), and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Hurst

Tired of depressing Google alerts about accidental overdoses and people getting duped into ingesting expanding foam dinosaur toys, the group was more bucolically rechristened Park States in 2017.